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Keith Potter Psychotherapy service provides the following important information about the decision to provide ‘in-person’ therapy service in light of the COVID-19 PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS.

The purpose of these procedures is to provide sufficient safety precautions for both the client and the psychotherapist.

Risk for opting for ‘in-person’ therapy service

A client should understand that by coming to the service’s consulting room they are assuming the risk of exposure to the coronavirus (or other public health risk). This risk may increase if the client travels by public transport, taxi, or car-share.

Keith Potter is the sole professional user of the consulting room and therefore the risk of cross infection is minimised.


• Will only attend an ‘in-person’ appointment if they are symptom free: i.e. normal temperature, does not have a new and persistent cough, no loss or change to sense of smell or taste.

• Will not attend an appointment if they have been in contact with COVID-19, or if any of their household have any symptoms.

• Will be required to sanitise their hands with the sanitiser provided before entering the consulting room and upon leaving.

• Will be required to keep a distance of 2 metres (6’6”). There will be no physical contact with the psychotherapist, i.e., no shaking hands.

• Will be required to adhere to the safe distancing precautions set up in the consulting room. For example, they must sit in the offered seat and not move the seat.

• Will be required to provide their own tissues.

• Will be required to provide their own drink.

• Payments can made in cash or cheque and will be handled safely by the psychotherapist.

• If tested positive for COVID-19 the Client will follow the procedure required by the NHS ‘test and trace’ service (guidance can be found at www.gov.uk).


• Will only see clients ‘in-person’ if the psychotherapist does not have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or if they are not exposed to other people who are so infected.

• Will sanitise their hands thoroughly with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after each client.

• Will use an antibacterial spray on therapy chairs and disinfect all surfaces (including hand-rests of chairs, door handles, step’s hand rail), in-between each client.

• Will provide hand sanitiser for clients to use upon entering and leaving the consulting room.

• Will empty the waste bin between each client, using an appropriate method to prevent coming into contact with its contents.

• Will keep a minimum distance of 2 metres (6’6”) and there will be no physical contact with clients, i.e. no shaking hands.

• Will ensure physical distance precautions are in place in the consulting room. For example, therapy chairs will be at a distance in excess of 2 metres (6’6”).

• Will air out the consulting room by opening door and windows following each session.

• Will handle payments made by cash or cheque in a safe manner to prevent cross infection.

• If tested positive for COVID-19, will follow the procedure required by the NHS ‘test and trace’ service.

Confidentiality in Case of Infection

In the event of the NHS ‘test and trace’ procedure being instigated by either the client or the psychotherapist they will report the minimum information required for the purpose of data collection regarding therapy meetings. In order to maintain the confidence within the therapeutic relationship the client and the psychotherapist will agree not to go into the detail of the content of the therapy or the reason for it.

Review Process

The above procedure will be reviewed on a daily basis and may change at short notice based on UK Government guidelines. I will continue to keep you updated on any further actions regarding this matter.

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